Buying or renting DVD movies is easy with MovieMate

Own and Operate your own business

Automated DVD rental kiosks (also known as DVD vending machines) have taken the home entertainment industry to another level and now the MovieMate S250 kiosk has arrived in Australia. Over the last three years this new concept in movie / game rentals and sales has been a tremendous success in the USA and Canada. The present position in Australia means that we are at a point that will never occur again and the clever investor now has the opportunity to locate their kiosks in prime locations.

Due to the intelligence of the MovieMate Software an owner can optimise the performance of their kiosk as needed. For a short time each week they simply log on to their kiosk and manage their inventory.

  • MovieMate Australasia has the business kiosks and software to enable an owner operator to build their own business from one to a network of locations.
  • We can offer assistance in selecting and securing great locations.
  • Our staff will assist you with the setting up and ongoing support with your kiosk.
  • Monitoring of your business is managed by you remotely from any computer with Internet access.
The MovieMate S250 automatic DVD Rental Machine

Add a Kiosk to your existing business

MovieMate Australasia provides retailers in Australia with their choice of involvement. They can either deploy the S250 into a single or multi location. Our support and advice assists the retailer in solving the problem of maximising underperforming floor space and increases customer traffic. This feature adds to store turnover as well as added income stream from the kiosk.

MovieMate Australasia offers the existing retailer the option of adding a new movie business to their operation or can tidy up, or free up existing floor space allocated to movie rental or sales.

On top of revenue from movie rental and sales, your location can benefit from:

  • Increased in-store traffic from customers renting, and returning movies
  • Being seen as a retailer that is moving forward with their business structure
  • Becoming more competitive than other retailers
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing business value through increased turnover
  • Direct bottom line increases