Buying or renting DVD movies is easy with MovieMate

The Intelligent DVD Rental Machine

MovieMate is a leading manufacturer of automated DVD vending and rental machines.

The new MovieMate S250 represents the latest in self-service rental kiosk technology. It provides the customer with the option of either selecting their movie through the glass front or they can browse using the intuitive touch screen user interface.

The S250 offers unparalleled convenience and is built on an open platform to accommodate future upgrades as the home entertainment industry evolves.

The small footprint allows MovieMate's Automatic DVD Rental Machines to be placed virtually anywhere.  Our DVD Kiosks are designed to penetrate a geographically scattered DVD movie or game rental / sale market. Read More >>

The MovieMate S250 automatic DVD Rental Machine

Here is your opportunity to be on the first level of this exciting business.

Decades after the first ever movie made its premiere, people around the world continue to be fascinated with films. In the last few years, many seem to have grown a particular liking for renting movies. This new concept in the home entertainment industry has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the USA and has changed the outlook of conventional Movie Rental stores to the point where they are now restructuring their operations.

The MovieMate S250 Kiosk is now available in Australia and will be recognised as the perfect addition to an existing business - or as a new product for the forward thinking home business person / investor.

MovieMate, a leading DVD kiosk manufacturer, invites you to be a part of the automated DVD rental industry. Our DVD vending machines are considered to be one of the best movie DVD rental kiosks available in the market today.

MovieMate's DVD Vending Machines are compact, sleek and designed to perfectly complement its surroundings. With these features, they can be placed in  supermarkets, shopping centres, news agencies, service stations, apartment complexes and many more locations. In fact, when you start thinking about our Kiosks you will see any number of opportunities.

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